The Points Based Community Help Exchange

Help each other, help the world…

Request to download the HelpGoat app (in Beta) and discover a new way to connect with community, exchange support and get things done.

Our Beliefs

At HelpGoat we believe that everyone has something to offer and everyone can benefit from a little more help and support.  We all thrive when we feel useful and productive and we all feel good when we are able to help others. On the other hand, we often find it hard to ask for help. Paradoxically, sometimes the best way to help others is to provide others the opportunity to help.

HelpGoat aims to blur the lines between helper and helpee, promote a culture where people are open to both offer and receive help, and provide an easy platform to facilitate the exchange – resulting in more meaningful social opportunities among friends, family, coworkers and community members and improved circumstances for all.

How it works

Post a HelpRequest or HelpOffer

Request or offer help with anything from yardwork, child care, pet care or home projects to music lessons, technical help, community clean up projects or business projects. Sometimes companionship and moral support is all someone needs.

You control your privacy. Posts can be made public, posted to specific trusted HelpGroups or even to specific people.

Review and Accept HelpResponses

Review the responses you receive in a private way. Work out any details including timing and the amount of points to be exchanged. Accept the responses you feel comfortable with.

Give or Receive GoatPoints

Receive 100 GoatPoints just for signing up with HelpGoat. Earn more GoatPoints by Responding to HelpRequests or accepting responses to your HelpOffers. Once the help has been delivered, securely exchange points.

Remember, to keep the system functioning it is important to both give and receive help and give and receive GoatPoints.

Why exchange points?

Why not just give away help for free?

We live in a culture that values independence and self-sufficiency. Asking for handouts and admitting we need help can therefore be hard to do. Often, “charity” can lead to good feelings for the giver, but less so for the receiver.

At HelpGoat we aim to blur the lines between giver and receiver. Exchanging points is key to doing this. We are all more likely to ask for help when it doesn’t feel like we are asking for a handout.

The exchange of points keeps the system going, keeps all on equal footing, and affords everyone the good feelings that come with earning, contributing and helping.


My grandmother loves to bake but had nobody to bake for. After posting a HelpOffer on HelpGoat, she now earns points for sharing her baked goods around the neigborhood. She uses her points to get help with yardwork and things around the house. She now feels more connected with her neighbors and has made new friends.

After losing my job, I needed to cut back on expenses and started doing my own lawn work. I used HelpGoat to host a lawn cleanup party. We had a lot of fun and got the job done. Now my neighbors have hosted their own lawn cleanup, house painting, etc. parties and I’ve been able to reciprocate the help I received. It’s been a fun way to socialize, I’ve made new friends and our neighborhood has never looked better.

Spread the word and start new HelpGroups

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we are looking for people to start HelpGroups for their local communities and organizations. If you’d like to start a HelpGroup for your neighborhood, school, church, office, friends, family, social group, etc. – request to download the beta App, create a new HelpGroup, spread the word and start helping one another within your trusted groups.

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