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Save the Planet with Soap Nuts

My mother was always a bit of a healthnut.  Growing up, our pantry was always bare.  My friends’ pantries were loaded with the store bought delights of the 80s.  They would have Twinkies, Ding-dongs, Little Debbies and Star Crunches.  I  would occasionally get the homemade chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie.  My friends would have their… Continue reading Save the Planet with Soap Nuts

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Veggie-Packed Bolognese Sauce

One thing I’m using this Blog for is to record, catalogue and share my favorite recipes.  “Spaghetti Sauce” (as we used to call it in my house growing up) is one of the first things I learned to make on my own as a kid.  I’ve made a few adjustments to the recipe over the… Continue reading Veggie-Packed Bolognese Sauce

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Why is it so Hard to ask for Help?

As I sit here wishing I had the ingredients that I need to make chicken soup for my son (who is home sick from school today and too sick to be carted off to the supermarket), I find myself thinking – wouldn’t it be great if I could ask someone to pick up a chicken… Continue reading Why is it so Hard to ask for Help?