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Quick and Easy Macaroni and “Cheese” – Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ GFCF/ Vegan Option/ Paleo, SCD, GAPs Option

Part of the idea of Helpgoat is to find a way to use social media to encourage helping each other in the real-world, with real-world social interaction.  We don’t want to keep people “engaged” as long as possible with our on-line content.  We want people to engage less with on-line content and get out in the real world more.  Therefore, I aim to make my blog postings brief as to not waste your time 🙂

As with a lot of my “recipes” this is more of an idea than a recipe.  This is really just the idea that you can add pureed veggies, onions and spices to create a tasty, kid-friendly, non-tomato based pasta sauce.

We call this “macaroni and cheese” in my house and this goes over well with my son, even when we aren’t adding the optional cheese to the recipe – but as I mentioned in earlier blog posts, our taste buds are more forgiving than others due to years on the GAPs diet.  Now that we are only GFCF anything pasta or bread like is a huge treat:)

Even if you aren’t following any special diets, I think everyone can agree that we should eat more veg.  My son has a huge aversion to “chunks” in his sauces.   I think this is common for many kids.  So the idea here is to puree the vegetables into a tasty sauce.  We are able to pass this off as a cheese sauce in my house.  You may have to come up with some other clever name to get your picky eater to give it a try:)  You can also actually add some cheese… non dairy or regular (depending on what you tolerate) to make it more cheesy.

So, here’s the loose recipe:


  • Gluten Free Pasta of your choice (or any pasta if you are okay with Gluten – for Paleo, SCD and GAPs use Lentil Pasta)
  • Homemade or pre-made (pumpkin/squash/carrot/onion/garlic/salt) sauce – I try to make my own ahead of time and freeze in ice cubes to use, but when pressed for time I’ve found Little Pasta Organics makes a suitable sauce.
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Optional – egg yolk – creates a more cheese like texture without actually adding cheese – and adds some protein:)
  • Optional dairy free cheese of your choice – or regular cheese of your choice if you are okay with it
  • Optional milk of your choice (dairy free or regular)
  • Optional Tabasco sauce – my husband and I like to add this… my son, not so much


  1.  Cook Pasta according to directions ( optional: for extra health benefits, you can cook the pasta in bone broth instead of water)
  2.  Drain and rinse pasta, rinse out the extra starchy stuff from cooking pan then add pasta back to pan.
  3. add some olive oil
  4. add either the jarred or the pre-made, home made sauce
  5. add egg yolks – I vary the quantity added based on what else we are eating.  If meal is low on protein, I add several egg yolks.  If meal is high in protein, I just add 1 egg yolk.
  6. add cheese if you are using
  7. turn on heat and stir constantly until cheese is melted and egg yolk thickens the sauce
  8. add milk if you would like to thin out the sauce
  9. add Tabasco if you are using and other seasonings to taste





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