Help Sharing

The Birth of Helpgoat

Hello and welcome to Helpgoat.

I will try to be brief in my blog posts – as I think we all spend too much time reading endless chatter on the internet and not enough time out in the real world.  We spend too much time comparing ourselves and our lives with the lives and personas of celebrities, colleagues, acquaintances and friends.  We craft (everyone is guilty to some extent) our own online and offline personas – portraying ourselves as flawed or flawless, witty or serious-minded, progressive or conservative, apathetic or super-involved – whatever the case may be.

The one common theme is that there is too much focus on what we are or what we should be.  There is too much time spent looking and playing the part,  segregating ourselves from others and reinforcing our own egos.  We don’t often ask each other for help.  That would be admitting weakness.

Underneath it all, I think there is a huge desire to help and a huge need for help across all walks of life.  Those that we typically consider as “in need” (the homeless, the jobless, the sick, the elderly, the poor, and the uneducated) are not the only ones needing help.  The new mother who is overtired and needs a hand with the baby, the high school student who could use some tutoring with Physics, and the aspiring interior decorator who needs to build a portfolio of client referrals in order to get paid work all need help.

The idea of Helpgoat is that everyone has something they need and everyone has something to offer.  Sometimes the best way to help those in need is to help them recognize what it is they have to offer the world and allow them to put it to good use.  Connecting needs with offers helps everyone.   Promoting a culture where people are open to both offer and receive help, we can help each other help the world!

As the idea of Helpgoat is being developed…and on a somewhat unrelated note, a big part of my life is spent cooking GAPS, Paleo, SCD diet friendly food to cater to my family’s digestive issues.  I’m going to start by using this blog to post and catalog my favorite recipes as I do believe these diets are quite helpful… so recipe posting will be my first concrete attempt at helping the world:)



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